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I got into this business because I found that it is a fitting outlet for taking the things that I enjoy, connecting them into the creativity that is in me, and using them in a one-on-one environment to value and help people.

As a Hair Specialist, it is my job to understand and be able to work with ALL HAIR and I embrace a constant state of learning. I listen and learn from each head of hair and each guest. I take time to train, practice, experiment, create and collaborate.

Your cut, color and style will be customized to you! I love to listen to your needs and desires and help your hair fit with your lifestyle and reflect your personal style. Let me help you understand how to embrace your hair-- making it look its best with routines that fit your lifestyle.

Though I have a deep respect for the classics and simple, functional styles-- I am always absorbing what is happening currently in fashion, beauty and barbering and it informs my work. With my own hair I like to stay a few steps ahead of the trends to where I see things going. My personal style is Vintage Modern-- I love pairing unexpected things that really shouldn’t go together or are a bit ugly on their own, but look great when put together. 

I graduated from the Aveda Institute of Des Moines and since have had Sassoon training, as well as training in Curly Girl Styling and DevaCurl Dry Cutting. I have developed my own approach to hair & curls based out of a ton of research, science, and my hands in a ton of hair.

I love the interactions between textures, colors, lines, forms, and movement.

As a creative person with experience in Fashion Design, I enjoy collecting and learning new techniques for manipulating mediums, whether it is fabric, hair...metal or clay.


I am married to a the funniest person I have ever met and together we have four amazing, creative and inspiring kids.

I love exploring forests, splashing in creeks and experimenting at growing things. I am currently unofficially learning Herbology and Foraging, just because.

My hands love to make things and interact with textures (especially hair). I've learned that I have to get the creativity out to stay healthy, so I make time for it.

I'm naturally awkward, which amuses me....

Feel free to be amused as well. If you're lucky, some days I put on a whole slapstick routine for you and then magically amazing hair appears at the end of the service. :)


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9500 SE University Ave, Ste 1107


West Des Moines, IA 50266

Tel: 402.990.1504

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