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Healthy Hair starts with a Healthy Scalp

Add-On Davines Essential Haircare Hair Mask

10  minutes - $12

LOVE/curl hair mask

Extra nourishing & conditioning power for wavy or curly hair. It gives remarkable softness & hydration.

NOUNOU/hair mask

Intensive repairing mask for deep nourishment.

MINU/hair mask

Rich in quercetin, a powerful amino acid with a protective effect on the hair structure along with hair color-protecting polyphenols.

Davines Essential Haircare

Add-On Davines Circle Chronicles Deep Conditioning Treatment

10 minutes - $22

Part of the Treatment packet is used at your service and the rest goes home with you. A selection of  active, effective, and eclectic treatments for deeply moisturizing the scalp and hair. 

Davines Circle Chronicles

Add-on Davines OI Hair Butter Mask

10 minutes - $17

Nourishing hair butter for all hair types with an immediate cosmetic effect. Provides shine and softness to hair, with a smoothing anti-frizz effect. (Grey/White strands love it!)

Davines OI Hair Butter

Add-On Post Color Treatment

15 minutes - $22

Schedule this with a Color Service. Davines MINU Illuminating Color Locking Treatment, allows you to get more longevity out of your color. It is followed by the MINU/hair mask.

Add-On Davines Blonde Intense Treatment

15 minutes - $20

Davines Heart of Glass Intense Treatment for reinforcing blondes. The Biacidic bond complex and the Baobab Extract strengthens the hair fiber, preventing breakage and nourishing hair. Any blonde is immediately brightened. Followed by Heart of Glass Rich Conditioner.

Davines Heart of Glass Intense Treatment

Add-on Restorative After Sun/Swim Mask

10 minutes - $17

SU/hair mask

Restorative and hydrating anti-aging treatment for hair damaged by the sun, chlorine and salt.

Davines SU/hair mask

Add-on Detangling Treatment

15 minutes - $30

This service includes the application of one of the Davines Essential Haircare Hair Masks, while I gently detangle your hair.

Davines Essential Haircare

Add-on Hair & Scalp Detox Treatment

15 minutes - $22

This service includes a Sea Salt Scrub Cleanser on your scalp, along with the Davines Purity Circle Mask over your hair-- it uses bamboo charcoal & matcha tea extract to remove buildup and draw impurities out of the strands. It is immediately followed with one of the Essential Haircare Hair Masks. 

Davines SOLU/sea salt scrub cleanser

Davines Purity Circle Mask

A range of products and treatments specifically formulated to prevent and resolve the most common skin and hair conditions, helping them regain the balance to restore their natural healthy state. The formulas have been created in synergy with the ritual of massage.
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